Timing Is Everything

Knowing when to promote your Facebook Post

It’s easy for your eye to catch the “boost post” icon when you launch one on your brand’s Facebook page.

We’re here to tell you to wait and really determine if it is worthy of your dollars.

“How are we supposed to know?” You may ask. For that, we’ve put together an acronym for you- RIPE.  RIPE stands for “Relevant, Impact, Patience, Engagement.”

The idea here is that if you can answer “yes” to four-or even three- of the following questions, then your post is RIPE and ready to promote!


Relevant. The best way to gain traction on a promoted post is by letting it run for a few days (ideally 3-5). That being said, you have to make sure that the post will not appear outdated after multiple days on a viewer’s news feed.

Impact.  Without it the viewer is left with no direction or reason to go further down the path to becoming a converted customer (or fan). So ask yourself “Does my post have an enticing call to action?” We talk about how smaller firms need to be disruptive and impactful and a promoted post is a great place to start. So write a short line of copy that will catch the viewer’s eye, and then tell them what to do!

Patience. Let a few hours pass before you promote the post. This helps you to get a feel for how the post may perform once it gets in front of the masses.  Wait time can vary depending on the size of your fan count.

Which brings us to the final determining factor…

Engagement. Your fans will serve as a nice test pool for how your post will reach once promoted. So determine an engagement metric that you want to reach before your promote the post. It can be a percentage (people who like, comment share and/or click, divided by total fan reach) or it can be something simple like a certain number of likes.

Hint: For starters, dig through the engagement on your previous posts and look for similarities on some of your best performing posts.

Any other questions? We’re here when you need us.

Weekly Blend – 4/10/14


The Weekly Blend is a blog post by drinkcaffeine that provides a wrap-up of what you need to know from the marketing & digital spaces. Here is what’s going on this week: Read Time: 3 1/2 minutes


Twitter, that is.

It has always been evolving – for example the ‘@’ and ‘#’ symbols were never intended but adopted after Twitter’s community implemented them manually – but now that we have seen the redesign, it seems clear that Twitter will continue to move toward a more mainstream demographic and gradually away from its longtime users.

Twitter’s making changes to solve its most pressing issue—how to obtain and keep new users—as it looks to grow. That means looking familiar and non-threatening, and providing a recognizable experience to bring new users into the platform (or in other words, look more like Facebook).


Now that Twitter has shareholders, Twitter has to do this. It’s just another reminder that the online services that many of us come to love do not have our ongoing interests at heart, and should always be regarded as temporary.

There are many new features, such as emojis, tweet size, profile page redesigns, and more, but let’s talk about why they really did it, the ads. Look for more direct-response ad formats that allow consumer actions like app installs, click-to-call, and e-mail signups right from the app. There could be up to 15 varieties of different performance-based advertising methods available.

Here are a few celebrities with the new look.

Film stars @zacefron and @channingtatum, First Lady Michelle Obama @flotus, Boxer @FloydMayweather, TV star @kerrywashington, and Musicians @JohnLegend and band @weezer.


You know the right rail on Facebook? Yeah, the one that has those little ads that you don’t really read, that rail. Well, Facebook is making some alterations in hopes that advertisers will give it another chance after running to the news feed for a larger and more native space.


By the end of May, the right rails will adorn 3 wider ads, instead of the current seven that are known for lower click-through rates and a boxy, text-heavy format. As data shows a swift migration of ad dollars from the right rail to the news feed, Facebook’s solution is to have less of it but make the remaining space more valuable. If the new ads are clicked on more, they’ll presumably have a lower effective cost per click for advertisers and fetch higher CPMs for Facebook. According to a Facebook blog post, tests of the new design have seen three times more engagement.


Our designers gave out a collective sigh of relief this week when they discovered that a designer, Craig Rozynski, created a font to replace the oft punch line that is Comic Sans. He calls his handiwork Comic Neue, and you can download it for free here.


Less usage of Comic Sans = less designers ranting. Our critique: The new font soothes the cartoonish features of its ancestor in favor of a more stylish design that maintains the font’s casual demeanor. Oddly attractive, but definitely still lacks in ALL CAPS.

Here are some of the all-time worst Comic Sans uses.

1. The scientific discovery of maybe the century

2. An official photo-album of the Pope.


Weekly Blend – 4/2/2014


The Weekly Blend is a blog post by drinkcaffeine that provides a wrap-up of what you need to know from the marketing & digital spaces.  Here is what’s going on this week: Read Time: 3 minutes

Do public rivalries make for good brand marketing?

Apparently March is a month of match-ups off the hardwood too. One that caught our attention was Taco Bell’s beef with McDonald’s. After Taco Bell unveiled a new ad campaign with real people named Ronald McDonald raving about Taco Bell’s new breakfast menu, McDonald’s cleverly responded on Facebook with a photo of their signature Ronald McDonald towering over and petting a little Chihuahua. See here.

Why it matters

Public is typically a poor place to quarrel. But for brands, it can act as a launching point, attention grabber, or even suggest brand superiority. We’d advise playful – in the moment – responses via social network rather the core of a marketing strategy. Think of it as being in the right place at the right time. Fights are always memorable; it’s winning them that is tough.

Is this real life? Facebook buys Virtual Reality Company for $2 billion

Yesterday’s rumors are today’s headlines. We’ve heard the whispers and now it’s official. Facebook has bought the Kickstarter funded, virtual reality headset making company, Oculus VR.

Why it matters

For most folks, Facebook’s buy is just another pricey haul in their digital land grab. But to gamers, Oculus was supposed to be their gaming system. It was crowd-funded, wide-open, and very futuristic. Whereas Facebook is mainstream, Farmville, and very mom and dad.

Before you write it off though, here’s what Zuckerberg had to say via Facebook. “Imagine enjoying a court side seat at a game, studying in a classroom of students and teachers all over the world or consulting with a doctor face-to-face— just by putting on goggles in your home.”

Okay, well maybe that sounds kind of cool.

Check out this video from Chaotic Moon Studios showing what an Oculus infused Facebook may bring.

LinkedIn Launches Two New Tools

1. Content Marketing Score

This tool measures your social engagement, ranks it against your peers, and calculates a score. It allows users to see how effective their content marketing efforts have been and makes recommendations upon how you may improve. The score is based upon your sponsored updates, company pages, LinkedIn groups, employee updates, and influencer’s posts. To get your score, go here.

2. Trending Content

This feature will act as a news filter allowing users to keep tabs on what is being talked about. Grouped by industry, easily browse posts and discussions to learn, interact, discover new circles, and stay up to date.

Why it matters

These new tools will make it easier to grow an audience on LinkedIn by allowing you to adjust and hone your content strategy based off analytical research. Here’s how LinkedIn themselves describe the capabilities and uses of their new features.

Have a busy and creative week!